Perfect Hair ColorGetting your hair color right isn’t a science. It’s actually quite simple: Stick to colors that compliment your skin tone, figure out if you’re better off with single-process color or highlights, and then decide if you’re going to pay someone else to do it or do it yourself.

Here are 11 hair color tricks from how to avoid the wrong color to how to do it yourself.
Can You Go Blonde?
Some women look good in any color (remember Linda Evangelista?) but most women don’t. If you had blonde hair as a kid, you’ll likely look good with blonde hair as an adult. You’ll also look good blonde if you have pink skin that burns easily, and blue or green eyes.

Remember: if you are going the bottle route, never color your hair more than 2 shades lighter than your natural shade. Learn more about DIY-coloring in How to Color Your Hair at Home.
The Right Way to Go (or Stay) Brown
If you have super pale skin and brown hair, consider going lighter. Super dark shades can wash you out and even make you appear older.

Once you’ve colored your hair, protect your investment with 8 best products for colored hair.

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Trendy HairstylesAre you one of the many who tries to search on trendy hairstyles? Or are you one of those few people out there who get stuck with the 80’s look? Then, you need a big help! People who are in the fashion industry are the ones that dictate what’s trendy, what’s not. It also depends on one’s opinion whether such hairstyle is trendy or not.

Trendy hairstyles can be achieved through using different hairystyle products and go mess around with the hair giving it a new look or just plain styling gel to make the hair stand up or something like that. But the truth of the matter is, you uoo can make your very own trendy hairstyle. Just get a hairstyling product and apply it into your hair, creating a hairstyle that suits your personality. Viola! You got a trendy hairstyle.
asian girl trendy hairstyle
For sure you have seen men and women who got stuck with the 70’s look and never changed their hairstyle ever since. It’s quite surprising how those people can keep their hair to look like that after 3 decades. You might think something wrong with them, and need a fashion police to arrest them to change their hairstyles. Start looking at yourself, if you are the same like those people who getstuck. You might not have that 70’s hairdo what you have is a long hair that looks dull and messy.

What keeps you out from getting a new hairstyle, a trendy hairstyle? Trying new things is not bad at all. A trendy hairstyle can make you look fresh, younger and hip! Also it can help you look up-to-date with your look without even going over-the-top.

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A new season, new trends and – of course – new hairstyles.

Fashion Week put the spotlight on the some great looks for the new season, with super-long lengths and pixie-style bobs leading the runway. Look forward to layers, razor cut bobs, and blunt bangs to freshen up for the season.

The 2010 runway hairstyles looked absolutely amazing, differing from collection to collection. It seems that the hairstyles were either simple or elegant chic with a little bit of vintage allure attached. Short hair is the biggest trend of this new year.

For an edgy-sweet quality, baby-fine hair is snipped into a jaw-length bob that’s blown-dry from a high angled part. A few longer wisps in back add softness and femininity.

With a nod to 60’s hairstyles, this model hit the catwalk in a close-to-the-head snip with chunky at the temples and deep, rounded fringe. The look is perfect for the woman with a lot of confidence and pretty, striking features.

Old Hollywood glamour is a style that has been coveted for decades, and has seen a huge surge in popularity among young stars over the last couple of years. In particular, the neat, finger-wave hairstyle – made popular by big-screen glamazons of the 40s and 50s like Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake and Marilyn Monroe – is one that continues to pop up on red carpets today. It’s the ideal complement to a 40s-style dress and though it does take a bit of practice to get it perfect, it’s a style that you can quite easily create at home.

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Tips  Tricks Hair StylingPast hair coloring techniques often made it necessary to camouflage a “dye job” with a perky cut or a wig. Lightening jet-black hair meant hours of bleaching that left hair looking more like yellow straw than platinum blond. Towheads, who wanted a darker shade, were often left with a gothic look before gothic was a trend and those looking for strawberry blond commonly got fire-engine red. Of course, modern hair coloring techniques made fire-engine red a fashion trend instead of a hair coloring catastrophe!

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  Tips   Healthy HairNo matter what type of hair nature blessed you with, there are things you can do to keep it healthy, lustrous, looking its best. Here are some tips for a healthy head of hair from the tradition of Ayurveda, the 5,000-year old healing tradition that originated in India:

1. Like everything else about true, lasting beauty, healthy hair begins within your body. Start with your diet. Include lots of green leafy vegetables and sweet juicy fruits. Dairy products such as milk and fresh yogurt will also help. Fresh coconut is also considered excellent “hair food” – sprinkle grated coconut over salads, diced fresh fruit, or rice.

2. Cut down on refined, processed and canned foods. Ayurveda considers foods with artificial preservatives and chemical additives stripped of their inherent “intelligence” and therefore not helpful in supplying nutrition to your body and mind. Ice-cold beverages also hamper the process of digestion and assimilation of nutrients.
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Tips and Tricks Hair Styling

It can be so hard to keep your hair strong and healthy with all the chemicals and treatments it goes through on a daily basis. Check out these great daily hair tips below and you will see a big difference in your hair in a week or less!

  • Try to avoid daily washing if you experience greasy hair. Also, oily and greasy foods can contribute to the condition of your hair, so by watching what you eat you are saving your hair from grease.
  • For those of you with dry or brittle hair a simple wash out condition will not do the job. You need an intensive conditioning cream that can cleanse your hair without excessive rubbing as well as a hot oil treatment on a regular basis.
  • If you are prone to frizzy hair than you don’t want to have too many layers in your hair cut as this can increase frizz. As well you want to constantly keep it moisturized and conditioned.
  • If you have found a little grey in your hair, all it takes is a semi-permanent hair color to cover up those trouble spots. You can also rely on different highlights to add some color and depth to your hair in this case.
  • Coloring your hair is one of the most common and easiest ways to damage your hair. If you are looking to color, consider highlights as they do not grow out as fast and make your hair look that much more natural. Continue reading ‘Easy Tips and Tricks Hair Styling’