What Is Scene Hair?


Scene HairThe scene style is not exactly like emo but evolved from something similar and scene hair has adapted with this change to influence the style of all scene girl or guy. To some, scene hair may resemble emo hair, goth, or old punk hair but the hairstyles in this trend use lots of varying techniques in hair coloring, cutting, and styling to combine and create trendier, upbeat pieces. There is no real words to define what scene hair is because of the assorted ways of styling hairstyles for both girls and guys but the following tips are ideal for anyone looking to move in the scene trend.

Scene Hairstyles Not Emo Not Goth

For anyone interested in a scene hairstyle, there are certain aspects that really stick out but may overlap other trends. For scene guys, scene hair with choppy, jagged layers works strikingly as well as combinations of colors with several hues. The side burns can be left long and pointed forward and front bangs can be swept or waxed forward. For scene girls, there are numerous hairstyles using choppy, blunt cut layers, eye skimming bangs, poufy volume crown, and coon extensions just to name a few. What makes scene hair versatile are the various styling methods that can be done to switch the look of the hair from day to day or the colors that can be added to make the hairstyles very stylish including advanced coloring techniques like paneling or tone on tone.


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