Scene HairThe scene style is not exactly like emo but evolved from something similar and scene hair has adapted with this change to influence the style of all scene girl or guy. To some, scene hair may resemble emo hair, goth, or old punk hair but the hairstyles in this trend use lots of varying techniques in hair coloring, cutting, and styling to combine and create trendier, upbeat pieces. There is no real words to define what scene hair is because of the assorted ways of styling hairstyles for both girls and guys but the following tips are ideal for anyone looking to move in the scene trend.

Scene Hairstyles Not Emo Not Goth

For anyone interested in a scene hairstyle, there are certain aspects that really stick out but may overlap other trends. For scene guys, scene hair with choppy, jagged layers works strikingly as well as Continue reading ‘What Is Scene Hair?’


New Hairstyles

The  New  Year 2010 is here I think you want to get a new fresh  look for the  coming new year. The change  of  hairstyles is the  most  important thing One of  the  hottest hairs   that  remain  strong for  2010 is  long hair.  For the past  season short  hair has remained  in the spotlight. But with 1980s styles making a comeback, 1980s styles  can be created  with  the use of  hair spray.  A  big  ponytail  crinkles crimp and of  course tight  curls  no matter what 2010 hairstyle video says everything.

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hairstyle tipsThe whole reason that I started almost ten years ago was because I felt responsible for providing hair consumers with the absolute truth about their hair.

When I see articles on the Web that advertise that they can help you grow long hair fast I totally cringe.  The real truth is that there are absolutely no short cuts (no pun intended) to growing long hair fast.

If I had a dollar for the hundreds of thousands of emails I have received over the past ten years asking me how to achieve “fast long hair” I would not be sitting here writing this “truth in advertising” article.

Yes, there are many things you can do to maximize your God-given genetic hair growth cycle but if someone promises that you can go from a chin length bob to bra-strap length hair “fast” there is something missing.

So really, what is fast anyway?  Is fast overnight, within a month or just a bit quicker than your genetic programming allows?

There are many things that can stall natural hair growth.  The hair growth stallers can include poor diet, too much caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, recreational drugs or other natural vitamin robbers.

Stress, age, health problems and prescription drugs can also slow or stall hair growth.  Climate has a hand in growth rates along with lifestyle issues.  Not enough sleep, daily water or maintenance nutrients can cause hair to hit a dead stop in its growth cycle.

To simplify the hair growth process and promise fast long hair is just not a reality.  At least in this current Universe.